What is the main reason for Ronaldo's hat trick?

 What is the main reason for Ronaldo's hat trick?


Ronaldo's hat trick?

Barcelona: Cristiano Ronaldo added another hat trick to his record book. What's so significant about a footballer's hat trick? Learn

Juventus beat Cagliari by three goals in the Italian Football League thanks to Ronaldo's excellent performance, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick for Juventus.

The highlight of the Horizon City footballer's hat trick was that he scored three goals in different ways, the first by Ronaldo through the head, the second by the right foot, and the third by the left foot. Interestingly, Ronaldo scored all three goals in the first 22 minutes of the first half.

With this hat trick, Ronaldo broke the record of 767 goals of Brazilian footballer Pele, the number of goals of Shahra Afaq has reached 770 while Pele had scored 767 goals in the official match.

Brazilian international Yellow congratulates Portuguese footballer on Ronaldo's hat trick and breaks record for most goals in official matches

"I love watching you play," Peel wrote on popular video application site Instagram.

Ronaldo's hat trick broke Ronaldo's record once again

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