The first T-Twenty20 South Africa beat Pakistan

The first T-Twenty20 South Africa beat  Pakistan 

The first T-Twenty20 South Africa beat  Pakistan

The first T-Twenty20 South Africa beat  Pakistan 

Cape Town, February 1, 2019) South Africa has won 1-0 in the series by taking 6 runs in the first T twenty against Pakistan the three TT match series. In the first match of the three-match series in Cape Town, the national team won the toss and preceded the first fielding, hosts  Protez opener Hendrix and Kloot provided 26 runs. Kallis scored 13 runs while Umeed Waseem got out on the ball.

Captain Fafi Duplex and Rezendixix set 131 runs for the second wicket and during the day, the batsmen also finished their half-centuries, after which Duplex has scored 78 runs and Shoaib Malik was bowled on the side of Usman Suvari. 74 runs made out when Vienna was dismissed by Dylan Zoologen, David Miller 10 and Maurice on one run, with Pellin Lutte, Clausen and Flawvoyo 5.5.

By Usman Shinwari, Pakistan won 3 wickets, Umad Waseem, Hassan Ali and Fahim Ashraf secured 1,1 wickets. Pakistan's start was not good and opener Fakhr Zaman scored 4 runs and Powell returned, Babar Azam and Hussein Talat added 81 runs for the second wicket, followed by Hussein Talat with 40 runs. Pawar Miller after making 38 runs Babar Azam Asif Ali's innings were limited to 13 runs, while Umad Waseem made 4 for 4 and Philip went to Lucknow, Fahim Ashraf was limited to 8 runs while Hasan Ali finished 11 for 11 and captain Shoaib Malik tried to curb the team. However, 49 runs became out of date, in the first T-T20 national team Fakhrsman, Babar Azam, Hussein Talat, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Rizwan, Asif Ali, Madam Waseem, Shadab Khan, Fahim Ashraf, Hasan Ali and Usman Shinwari.

The South African captain Faf Doo Place wants to take some new facial opportunity to breathed into the new field in the match and give his other colleagues a chance to breathe. In the Memorial League, Spanta's twenty-year-old Parser, Lutu Simple, is not like the speed of Kigus Rabin. However, they will be tried independently, while Wrey Fan-Dawn Doon can also be part of the ultimate Xion with Gehen Klote, Wean Miller, Chris Morse, Junior Dala, but South Africa team will depend on their tested players. Fif Doo Plassey said that now he will focus on feeding some players and feeding something so that new faces can also be seen in international cricket.

The first T-Twenty20 South Africa beat  Pakistan 

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