The title victory in Peshawarzalmi 2017 filled the player's tender notes

The title victory in  Peshawarzalmi 2017 filled the player's tender notes

The title victory in  Peshawarzalmi 2017 filled the player's tender notes
The title victory in  Peshawarzalmi 2017 filled the player's tender notes

KARACHI: Peshawar Zalmai won the title in 2017 and filled the tender notes with the players, as well as players and coaching staff were given a contribution of Rs. 432 million for the total amount of Rs.

According to the report of the financial matters near the representative "Express", Peshawar Zalmai was reimbursed 13.46 million rupees from Central Center in the first edition of 2016, the team did not show any income from the sponsorship, Peshawar Zalmai franchise fee In the Madhya Pradesh, the PCB paid Rs 166.74 lakhs to Rs. 560 rupees, Rs 11.55 million was paid for the match fee, the players were given Rs. 29 lakhs 89 thousand 705 per day, the cost of Rs 15 lakh 95 thousand 523 was spent on the costumes. Rs 14 lakh 35 thousand 160 rupees on transport and Rs. 64 lakhs 90 thousand 374 rupees, on the accommodation at a hotel, 110 million 71 thousand The R 974 RS only spent 5 million 32 thousand 132 rupees insurance, purchased 10 lakh 32 thousand 735 rupees match tickets, also 4 lakh 81 thousand and other costs 34 rupees, franchise paid 37 lakh 74 thousand in respect of salaries.

On merchandising, only one crore of Rs. 49 lakhs 49 thousand 176 rupees, the registration of SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) took 1 lakh 94 thousand 640 rupees, the travel expenses of foreign tours were Rs.15 million 21 thousand rupees, Rs 1.5 lakhs The auditors were paid, 35 lakhs 79 thousand 913 on advertisements, while media expenses increased to 80 lakhs 79 thousand 699 rupees, Rs 27 million 65 thousand 428 rupees were paid only on the website, 10 thousand rupees on the website, 78 lakhs in other 42 thousand 264 rupees were spent, Peshawar Zalmai first lost Rs 236.77 billion in the first edition. The franchise took control of the title in another edition of 2017, it was Rs.46.88 billion 48 thousand rupees from the central pool, 26 million 68 thousand 967 from the sponsorship and 5 million rupees 50 thousand rupees from the wing prize, the total amount was Rs. 426,67 thousand 676 rupees. Peshawar Zalmai paid PCB to Rs.1630.33 billion for PCB in front of the franchise fee, while the payment fee was paid Rs 13.33 billion 31 thousand 110 million rupees, the players were given Rs.100,000 for the daily allowance.

On land travel, 24 lakhs and 95 thousand 233 rupees and Rs1.2264 thousand 607 rupees have been spent on the freight journey, only one crore 38 lakhs 19 thousand 857 rupees were spent on the hotel, 4 lakh 48 thousand 525 rupees were spent on insurance, 5 lakh 39 thousand 746 rupees spent on warm-up matches Late Sourcearz was 15 lakhs 98 thousand 811, other costs of 33 thousand 995 were also done, the players and coaching staff were given Rs. 4 crores of Rs 45 lakhs out of the prize money, the franchise paid a total of Rs. 86 lakhs 80,000 rupees in a salary of salaries, On merchandising, Rs 45 lakh 26 thousand 327 rupees were only, the travel expenses of foreign tours were Rs 37 lakh 67 thousand 135. S, 2 lakhs and 75 thousand rupees were paid to the advertisers, 74 lakhs 27 thousand 376 rupees on the advertisement and 21 lakh 50 thousand rupees on the media, only Rs. 40 lakhs were paid on the activities, depression was Rs. 24 thousand 950 while in the other 93 lakhs 68 thousand 354 Rupees were spent, PESHAWAR Zalmai had a total loss of Rs. 2 lakh 52 thousand 767 in the second edition.

The title victory in  Peshawarzalmi 2017 filled the player's tender notes

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