Dick Warth Louis Law: South Africa beat Pakistan

Dick Warth Louis Law: South Africa beat Pakistan 

Dick Warth Louis Law Pakistan beat South Africa

Saccharin: Under the third wicket match between Pakistan and South Africa, the host squad was declared 13 runs in the form of Dick W. W. Lewis.

According to details, according to the details, South Africa started batting in pursuit of 318 runs, while Protez's first wicket fell on 53 runs when Hashim Ammalah took 25 runs on Hasan Hasan by out of Babar Azam.

Shoaib Khan scored the wicketkeeper-batsman Kinne Tuckey on 33 runs.
South Africa scored 187 runs at a loss of 2 wickets, after which the game was started, the game had to stop, Rosa Hendrix 83 and Fifty Duplex were captain of 40 runs in the unbeaten innings of 40.

Under Dick W. W. Louis law, umpires declared South Africa as a winner, in the five-one match series, Duplex won two matches, while Pakistan still won the same.
When the game was stopped, South Africa needed 131 runs in 17 overs to win the match.

Earlier, in the third one-day match in Saccharin Pakistan scored 317 runs in fixed overs and South Africa won 318 for the wicket, Imam ul Haq scored 101 runs with a stunning score.

Earlier, Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to bat first, which proved to be correct, Fakhar Zaman scored only 2 runs and kept catching the Honda on the Handsex ball.

Babar Azam and Imam ul Haq made a spectacular partnership after reaching 136 runs, Babar Azam scored 69 runs in an innings with LBW.

Mohammad Hafeez played 45 runs in 45 balls in the innings of the innings, he scored out of Flak Kiwi on the bat. Shoaib Malik scored 31 runs and went to Pavelin, Hassan Ali became a target of Stanin.
Umad Waseem played 43 for the unbeaten 23 balls in the unbeaten innings while captain Sarfraz Ahmed scored six runs.

Fast bowler Rambha and Dale Stein received two wickets from South Africa, while one in One and the ODIs of Hendrix and Tabriz.

Al-Haq has completed one thousand runs in One-Day cricket
Opener Imam ul Haq has completed one thousand runs in one-day cricket, Imam ul Haq completed a one-wicket in the 19th in the 19th innings.

Opener batsman Fakhar Zaman has the honor to complete fast one-thousand runs, Fakhar Zaman completed a thousand runs in the 18th innings.
There are two changes in the Pakistan team for third-day and Umad Waseem and Mohammad Aamir have been brought back to the squad. There are 3 changes in the South Africa team.

The national team consists of Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Imam ul Haq, Captain Sarfraz Ahmed, Shoaib Malik, Shadab Khan, Hassan Ali, Hussain Talat, Fahim Ashraf, and Shahin Afridi.

On the other side, South Africa team has co-ordinated Queens de Koke, Captain Faf Duplex, Hashim Ammah, Raze Hendrick, Reese van late Dessain, Andreae Flequeview, David Miller, Dale Stein, Dogsura Bada, Baron Hendrix, and Tabriz Solar.

South Africa beat Pakistan by 5 wickets in the second one day before. In the five-match match series, both teams have won one match.

Dick Warth Louis Law: South Africa beat Pakistan 

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