Year 2018; Pakistani cricket narrative

The year 2018; Pakistani cricket narrative

The year 2018; Pakistani cricket narrative
The year 2018; Pakistani cricket narrative

The year 2018 was the worst year for Pakistan's national game hockey, but it was not too much for cricket for years. Shahinian's made a new history in short form but the worst performance in Test cricket. However, the return of the West Indies from Karachi in Karachi was the return of international cricket and the government also came to see changes in the cricket board.

Talking about cricket in the year 2018, this year proved to be a happy year for Pakistanis. First of all, Pakistan Super League, whose third edition success has proved again, despite the lack of international cricket in the last 9 years, the madness of this nation was not reduced in the country. It can be estimated in the full range of Super League finals in Lahore and Karachi, in which a large number of fans participated and responded critically to the critics.

While the PSL introduced Pakistani talent to the world in the last 3 years, the league also brought foreigners to the positive face of Pakistan. Last year, however, a negative aspect of PSL came into view when the PCB canceled the contract for the League's holiday team (Multan Sultan) due to non-payment of compensation. And then the team also got a lot of talk about the reference to Al-Zayed's son, Jehangir Rao's most important leader, who later proved to be correct.

The second major news was received from the cricket fields when another international cricket team visited Pakistan after about 3 years. This series was held in the country's economic hub held in Karachi, which led to some throats of the city's leaders. Zimbabwe tour Pakistan was restricted to Lahore only in the year 2015, not only Karachi but also other cities. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board not only played the PSL in Karachi but also held a three-to-one T20 series with West Indies in Karachi.

Interestingly, the Shahis did not walk in the city's leadership and did not let them go to the streets. Now God will not think that the national team took a break from Pakistan's bowling against Pakistan and not cricket. It is true that the guest team was missing the star cricketer like Chris Gill, Sailor Nureen, Darren Brown, Pollard, and Carlos Breezy, but he had the match-winning player like Marilyn Samuel, Donald Samri and Danesh Ratten. Were there

Now, the particle thing, the change in cricket board, has changed in the year 2018 with the government. Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his confidence in the former ICC president Ahmed Mani, while the new chairman also assumed the post, all the previous advisors graduated. After the change in the board, not only came to see new faces, but the results were made to make new decisions even more criticized. The Board set up cricket committee, for which former Test cricketer Mohsin Khan was named as former captain Waseem Akram, former captain of Misbah-ul-Haq and the Wimbledon team, Aerojet Mumtaz. But Waseem Akram's involvement was strongly criticized for Justice Qaisar's report, while recently, there were signs of major changes in the Domestic Cricket, which suggested the end of a regional association; but no final Could not decide

PCB introduced the designation of a new director and transparency system for the first time in the board, for which the first Pakistani-born British cricketer, Waseem Khan, was born in Britain. As he came, he declared international cricket return as his main mission. However, he was criticized heavily on salary and salary paid. However, it will only tell the time that the team had benefited from this move or only the national treasury had to bear their heavy salary burden.

Due to the wrong decisions of the Pakistan Cricket Board, the nation was disappointed not only during the Asia Cup against India, but the board had to face defeat at the time of India against the time when the PCB appeared to be a sure victory. Was it But the ICC, in the favor of India, condemned the punishment of paying 60 percent of the costs on Pakistan. In this case, the ICC demonstrated some kind of behavior, or Pakistan failed to fight this case better, legal experts can better analyze their motives.

By the way, there is a list of incidents related to Pakistan cricket in the long run in 2018, but my efforts will be to try hard to describe them in lesser words. Another very interesting statement that spread on social media like fire and for quite a long time, when Mohsin Khan advised the team to leave the test head of the national team Sarfraz Ahmed. The recent performance of Sarfraz increased the importance of this statement. Remembered by the recent performance, I forgot to congratulate the nation when joining the list of captains of Sarfraz, how Sarfraz Ahmed did not announce his date in both the innings. Well, there is nothing wrong with this, because in the same test in the same test, the captain of the team also named the same honor. So the last Test of the year 2018 was also memorable for the national team.

Now, if there is a mention of the Test cricket, why should not it be discussed on the performance of the national team last year, which was extremely frustrating than other formats. Shaheen

The year 2018; Pakistani cricket narrative

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