Gautam Gambhir retired for the first time at 37th

Gautam Gambhir retired for the first time at 37th

Gautam Gambhir retired for the first time at 37th
Gautam Gambhir retired for the first time at 37th

New Delhi: Indian opener and World Cup Hero Gautam Gosh announced the announcement of all his retirements on Tuesday by listening to all the forms of cricket that he was saying to him "It's over."

Mumbai, who plays an important role in India's two World Cup successes, will play its final domestic Ranjee Trophy game for Delhi's home team, starting from Thursday.

In the first Test match against Australia, 4154 runs were made in 58 Test matches.

He also represented India in 147 one-day international and 37 Twenty20 matches.

But Mumbai, who chose a successful opening pair with Vendor Sehwag in 2012, announced a test against England in 2016.

In a video message on social media, Gamer said, "It's been thinking night and night ... with this, I made fun of me, like a manning bowler."

"Every time I leave the game for India or KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) or Delhi Diarrhea, this idea will turn into a high-speed trouble noise and walks with me with a dressing room that it's more than the gut Is it. "She added.

In the opening of the World T20, Mumbai took part in India's 2007 win and played an important role in the team's victory over more than 50 World Cup matches in 2011.

Delhi's population, which was part of the Indian team, rose in number one testing place in 2009, Night Premiers of India Premier League (IPL) Night Riders led by two titles.

"It's a little awesome, but I've seen the wishes come true. Two World Cups are the dreams of the highest score in the game finals," Gambler said.

"At the top of the world, there is number 1 test team. I will show a lot of interest in a trophy, have I awarded the ICC best Test batsman in 2009 this year in 2009. A cleaner like me For this, I know where my stump was away.

"New Zealand will win a historic series and will play a great role in the CB series in Australia. But I hope the current India team can monitor our benefits under the depression below."

Mumbai thanked his coaches, teams and family members with him and said that his most relevant partnership was with the supporters of Indian cricket.

He recently commented on Mike sharing with the Indian and Australian legends during the three T20 matches in Australia.

Gautam Gambhir retired for the first time at 37th

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