As far as Jan is going to play cricket, Sarfraz Ahmed

As far as Jan is going to play cricket, Sarfraz Ahmed

As far as Jan is going to play cricket, Sarfraz Ahmed
As far as Jan is going to play cricket, Sarfraz Ahmed
Keeping captain in any format is PCB's discretion, which will be accepted by the national captain. Photos: File
Keeping captain in any format is PCB's discretion, which will be accepted by the national captain. Photos: File

National captain Sarfraz Ahmed says that until now, cricket will play cricket.

Express was asked during a special interview in Dubai, Sarfraz Ahmed was asked that the head of the cricket committee Mohsen Hasan Khan has advised you to remove the test. In reply, he had to say that I intend to play cricket, as long as I know, I will be playing, restless as far as any formatted question is, it is the board's discretion, whatever decision Yes, I will accept it.

Talking about the top responsibilities of the three-style cricket, he said that the leadership of the Pakistan team is always a stressful task, I am one of those lucky ones who can understand cricket Senates are guided, encourages Mainan Khan, Azam Khan, Nadim Khan and other difficult times, they have taught that there is a breakdown in the career, it should be strong in bad times, Asia Cup was tough. The players dared to get out of these situations, they understood the needs of the team, prepared themselves for the challenge and track the festivals. But come back
Talking about the tough criticism, he said that our culture is like this, if we win the hero, what happens if we win, everyone knows. In response to a question, he said that the seniors were not ignored, Mohammad Hafeez's In the three fields of the T-Twenty-three team, the players presented a plan-in-game, especially in the field of fielding, the players are aware of their responsibilities, nobody needs to understand that the wells Where do I have to field, all the seniors, junior, coaching staff and selectors have been trying to set up 11 consecutive success records. S is fun on the path of victories, if these days were a short format, it would have been easier to win.

Sarfraz Ahmed said on the question regarding the preparation of the 50 overs World Cup, "Now there is a series of series against Kawaz, focusing on Protez after Test matches, the better the tour will get better than South Africa."

There is no intention to change style leadership, Sarfraz

Sarfraz Ahmed said that style tactics have no intention to change, but I am not encouraged to scold only, giving Shahin Afridi the last over and over, Peer's performance has been performed despite the low-profile, did not grow old and more criticism. Sometimes the blood is poisoned, I say in the tail, I will not leave it well.

The question was questioned that the team is winning the dot is also said that the flowers fall, if you are defeated, how is the captain. In response, Sarfraz Ahmed said that I am like this, that's my mood, Kapitani too has to do the same. It is not even to be stunned at all times, I also encourage the players, Shaitan Afridi gives confidence Overseas Krave, Pariser Performed Despite Low Scores, Hassan Ali and Shadab Khan have been showing the performance of the team while taking excitement, all walk along with, if there is a major and difficult situation in the match, Senates Shoaib I also consult with Malik and Mohammad Hafeez.

Speaking on the role of players using social media in criticism of the Asia Cup, Sarfraz Ahmed said, "Do not look at the mobile, even if there is a public response from anywhere, we are young too." They are older, but they can not even understand the blood, but in the heart, they will say that they will not leave it.

Aamir is in the World Cup pool, captain

On the question of Mohammad Amir's return, Sarfraz Ahmed told the power of the present money battery, captain said that senior passengers are included in our World Cup, but Hassan Ali, Shahid Shah Afridi is also performing performances with Fahim Ashraf, due to which Usman Shinwari In the T-Twenty20 team, the form will not be a place in the one-day series, Jeddah Khan will also be available, to get available as many as possible for selection, Mohammad Amir, who will give the opportunity to feel needed.

The tour was associated with high expectations from Mohammad Abbas in South Africa

Sarfraz Ahmed, in South Africa, has been keen on high expectations from Mohammad Abbas, the captain said that in the favorable conditions for the UE spinners, Pacer surprised everyone, and bowling better in South Africa.

On the question of the World Cup appearing in England, Mohammad Abbas was asked to test one-day cricket in one-day cricket, he said that the battery is currently strong enough but England's views are absolutely thinking about Mohammad Abbas, maybe in a series. Test, against Kaesar, will be a major weapon in Test series, Spinners Yasir Shah and Bilal Asif will also be important.

Captain Sarfraz Asif Ali wished to take advantage of power hitting

Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari wants to take advantage of power hitting, captain Sarfraz Ahmed said that the aim of developing Asif Ali Khan's bidding rules is to set up a big stroke, and his performance is improving, in the next match. Playing good innings will provide a good platform for the team.

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