Cristiano Ronaldo: German magazine 'remains by detailing' of assault claim

Cristiano Ronaldo: German magazine 'remains by detailing' of assault claim 

Cristiano Ronaldo: German magazine 'remains by detailing' of assault claim

The German magazine that detailed an assault claim made against footballer Cristiano Ronaldo says it has "no reason" to question the validness of key reports utilized in its story. 

Ronaldo, 33, denies ambushing Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas in 2009. 
Legal counselors speaking to the Juventus player said on Wednesday that reports had been "totally created". 
In any case, Der Spiegel stated: "We have many records from various sources that substantiate our announcing." 
It included an announcement: "We remain by our revealing. We have no motivation to trust that those reports are not valid. 
"Moreover, as dependable and before distributing each and every article in Der Spiegel, we have carefully certainty checked our data and had it legitimately investigated. 

"The explanation that was issued by [Ronaldo's lawyer] Peter Christiansen for the benefit of Cristiano Ronaldo presents the typical way that Mr. Ronaldo and his legal advisors have taken in the past when unsuccessfully battling our investigative work." 
The magazine's story focuses on a poll, which it says originated from Ronaldo's attorneys, in which Portugal worldwide concedes Mayorga, 34, said "no" and "quit" amid the supposed assault. 

In an announcement discharged on Wednesday, Christiansen said the archives were "unadulterated creations" and the aftereffect of a 2015 digital assault, amid which "electronic information was stolen" from "many elements (counting law offices) in various parts of Europe". 
He included: "This programmer attempted to offer such data, and a media outlet recklessly wound up distributing a portion of the stolen reports, huge parts of which were adjusted and additionally totally created." 
Der Spiegel reacted by saying: "In our article, we quote two forms of an archive with explanations by Mr. Ronaldo. 

"It's a survey that originates from his legal counselors and portrays the course of the night, in which the supposed assault happened. The main variant of this survey, in which Ronaldo is cited as saying that Ms. Mayorga said 'no' and 'stop', is reliable with numerous points of interest of Ms. Mayorga's depiction of the episode. 
"Both likewise express that he apologized to her a short time later. In a later form of this poll, Mr. Ronaldo prevents the allegation from claiming assault and denies apologizing to Ms. Mayorga." 

Christiansen said his customer's position keeps on being that "what occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas was totally consensual". 
He included: "So that there are no questions: Cristiano Ronaldo intensely denies every one of the allegations in this common activity, inconsistency with what he has done over the most recent nine years." 
Mayorga's legal advisors have now required any records to be given over to "the proper law authorization organizations" to help settle any inconsistencies. 
They added they needed to survey any proof that indicated records had been adjusted or manufactured. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Ronaldo scored for Juventus last Saturday, yet has decided not to get together with Portugal group for matches against Poland on Thursday and Scotland on Sunday 

'Induction of installment' 

Der Spiegel additionally trusts Ronaldo's delegates have changed their story with respect to the supposed installment that was made to Mayorga by Ronaldo's legal counselors in 2010. 
Mayorga, who the magazine says recorded a report with Las Vegas police not long after the supposed episode, purportedly came to an out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo including a $375,000 (£288,000) installment for concurring never to open up to the world about the charges. 
Christiansen says Ronaldo does not deny he went into an assertion, but rather "the reasons that drove him to do as such are in any event to be twisted". He included: "This understanding is in no way, shape or forms an admission of blame." 

Der Spiegel stated: "When we distributed an article about the settlement understanding between Ms. Mayorga and Mr. Ronaldo in 2017, his counsels called it 'only a bit of journalistic fiction'. 
"Presently, Mr. Ronaldo concedes that he consented to that settlement." 
The magazine's announcement included: "Before distributing our anecdote about the assault allegations, we gave Mr. Ronaldo and his legal counselors the chance to react to the claims. 

"They could have questioned the certainties that we exhibited to them. They didn't do that. Not the slightest bit did they guarantee that parts of our data were 'unadulterated innovations'. One of his legal counselors undermined to sue us for distributing on the grounds that he said that we encroached Mr. Ronaldo's own rights. Up to this point, we have not gotten anything in such a manner. 

"Just Kathryn Mayorga and Cristiano Ronaldo know the reality about the episode that happened on June 13, 2009. It's not our business to pass judgment. What we do is to report. We recount the two sides of the story. 

"The dependable experts of Nevada will decide the accompanying strides in this procedure. Up until now, obviously, the assumption of honesty applies to Mr. Ronaldo."

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